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Trying to Catch Up

I know it has been awhile . . . again since I last post.  I have been still dealing with back problems and cleaning.  This is my next big cleaning up project.

The clean stamps.  I foresee a few slurpees and chocolates just to get through it.  It is a complete mess.


Although a funny note is while I was sorting out my buttons, this truck button was stuck in this jar.  I eventually got it out with a help from a friend.  But still that question still remains, how the heck did it get in there if I can’t get it out.  Good grief.


However I have participated in a few art exchanges.  One was favourite quote on an ATC and we had to used a playing card.  This was mine and the second one was the one I received from the exchanged.  I went alittle overboard because I completely covered the playing card.

20170106_1442471    The quote is from Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”


20170216_170052120170216_1701311  These two are birthday cards for my nieces.  I cannot believe one of them turned 18, ghee, it didn’t seem so long ago when she was playing with Barbie.

I did do a delivery for Koda’s Kountry for Easter. And please excuse my big toe in the shot

img_20170227_1054351 img_20170227_1051221

As for knitting, I just finished these two pieces.

img_20170303_1435161 img_20170303_1430261

So that is basically it.  Now wonder my back hurts.



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Life Lines In Knitting

I picked up these two knitting tips from “Knit and Crochet Now” and “Knitting Daily”. And for the love of goat cheese and sour pickles, I cannot remember the season or which episode it was featured.

The popular yarn is kind of ruffle yarn. And even though, it makes very pretty scarves, but it is very difficult to knit. You basically do a garter stitch. But it is when you drop a stitch that it drives you nuts in finding it again. I did tried to crochet it once for a demo, but it wasn’t easy.

My two big struggles of knitting this yarn were dropping a stitch and the yarn being twisted while you knit.

If you drop a stitch while working, trying to find that stitch is very difficult. I have ended up losing several feet or even starting over the scarf.

I learned from “Knit and Crochet Now”, if you are knitting something lacy, use a lifeline. Basically you thread a piece of yarn (different color of course) through the stitches and continue to knit. Then thread another piece of yarn after a couple of inches. The idea is if you need to rip out the lacy shawl, you can rip it back to the life line. The life line will hold your stitches in their proper place.

While I was watching this, the thought had occurred to me, this might work for the scarf.


Which I tried and it was a life saver. It saved me from losing several feet of this scarf to a couple of inches. Granted, I still admit that there were times that I wanted to chunk it out the window.

The next tip and this is the one that I am so simple that I am kind of slapping myself on the forehead for not coming up with this for myself. Because this yarn twist so easily while working on it, I literally would have to stop knitting, and push the scarf to the end of the needle, then hold it by the string and pray that the stitches doesn’t fall off the needle, while its spin on its own. It does get more difficult when the scarf gets longer and longer.

The tip is from “Knitting Daily” is before knitting or even crocheting this particular yarn, stretch it and then wrap it around either a toilet paper roll or in my case, a roll from my tin foil. When I first tried, no spinning, no twisting.




It worked perfectly. And I am thinking, why the heck I didn’t think of this sooner.

Oh well, better late than never. And this is the finished scarf.