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So what has been happening.

Today, I was supposed to be at Bentley for the Annual Christmas sale.  But obviously, I am not.

Last Friday, I woke up in the middle of the night, very groggy.  I was stumbling like crazy.  My first thought that since I had a very headache and I took a painkiller, I was feeling the side effects of it.  I assumed once I slept it off, I would feel back to normal.  I didn’t.  In fact, my left side was completely numbed, where I needed help in getting dressed.  I couldn’t even put new batteries in my hearing aids without help.  I had dinner with my family where I had trouble holding a fork.

Afterward, my mom took me to the ER where I had a MRI.  Within a hour, I was in an ambulance heading to Calgary because I had a brain bleed.  They were talking about brain surgery.

Apparently, 2 months ago, when I fell out of bed, cracking my skull.  It caused bleeding.  The idea of brain surgery scared the craped out of me.  I made it crystal clear with my mom that if I ended up brain dead, pull the plug.  I don’t want to be a financial burden.

Fortunately, they put me on steroids which they helped me greatly.  My left side is getting stronger, but I am getting more winded.  Even typing this blog out, I am getting tired. My balance is still off a bit.  The bad part of the drugs or the bleeding is that I am seeing things.  Like giant red ants crawling on the wall or furniture moving.  So driving is obviously out.

Then it gets betters.  I posted on facebook of what has been happening.  At that time, I had a very hard typing.  You needed a decoder ring to read the post.  So I asked a friend of mine to explain, except it ended up in completely disaster.  They all thought that my friend had a stroke and was in the hospital.  Good grief.

So since I surivived a brain injury, what is next.  Simple, I treated myself to alittle online shopping where I know I spent way too much money.  Oh well.

I am still bummed that I missed the sale.  I am hoping to make it to Dec sale. But honestly, when I worked on a hat, I can only knit two rows before getting worn out.  But the money from the sales is my Christmas money.  Damnit.  Fortunately, Shirley and Angela who in charged of the sale told me that everything was fine.  Just get better and it will take time.

They were right.  This is going to be a great test to my patiences.  Yippee.

So the plan ahead is in a few months, I need to get a MRI scan.  If the bleeding is still there, I will have to have to have surgery which means I will be in the hospital in 3 months  Oh goody.  And my hair dresser will have a fit over this.

I also have to go into rehab, but currently waiting, for them to call.  Forunately, it is in my town.

Hope everyone is well.

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Still Figuring Things Out

As you can see, I changed the layout in the my blog.  I’m still trying to figure of how to add a link to my online shop and vice versa.  As well as setting up a gallery of items that I am selling and what I had made.  I am also debating whether or not, to change the photo banner above. 

I watched You-Tube videos just before going to bed.  Beside learning new techniques and getting inspire for upcoming projects, it drains my smart phone so I can plug it and have it fully charge in the morning. 

One of the channels that I watched is Vickypgr, https://www.youtube.com/user/vickypgr .  She is an expert on paper piecing and makes wonderful cards.  Her photo banner is a field of daisies.  The questions is if I replace the photo, what do I replace it with?  I have to come up with a photo that combines knitting, crochet, and cards.  At this moment, I am more concern of getting the links working. 

I do know two computer experts that I can asked.  One of them lives in the USA and she has a crazy work schedule where we can only leave email messages to each other.  The second one lives in the same town as I do, but he is going through some personal  issues which  I am giving him some space and time to deal with them.  So I will keep tinkering. 

My schedule is another thing that I am still tweaking.  Like when I do make things for Original Things, myself and charities like Operation Write Home.  I decide that the odd days like May 5th, 7th, and 11th, I will work on things for Original Things.  And the even days, will be for the other. Why? 

Two reasons mostly. I only made 3 or 4 scarves and a hat for myself.  For years, I swore that  I am going to make myself a pair of slippers and finish the blanket.  And years later, my feet are still cold and the blanket is still in pieces.  So I am going to see if this schedule works. 

My second reason is that everything for Original Things is made in a smoke free environment.    And I do prefer everything I make in a smoke free environment.  But I can frebreeze my slippers if I have to.  Two people in my life at this moment are smokers and one of them happens to be my boyfriend.  When we hang out, I can’t knit or crochet.  He tells me it is a good thing because I need a break.  And he gives himself cancer at the same time.  I’m still scratching my head at his explanation. 

But when we watch a movie, or go on a road trip where he is drives, I find myself fidgeting in my seat.  I need a project to keep me distract while we are on our road trip. 

Besides slippers and a blanket, one of my best friend asked me to crochet her a dragon.  Then there are the Christmas presents.  And yes, I know it is May, but say for example, I want to knit a sweater for my dad, it will take time to knit.  And I not going to be pulling all nighters working on it. 

So the tweaking continues.