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Cleaning and More Sorting.

I finished Valentine’s Day card for Koda’s Kountry.  Lets see if I can do the link again.


Oh nuts, I can’t.  Maybe I can fixed it later.  I still knee deep in spring cleaning.  This weekend, I went through all of my old sketches, recycling 80% of my sketches.  If you do not mind me tooting my own horn, my skills have improved greatly since I started.  As well I started storing my sketches through a different system.  And my binder full of knitting and crochet was bursting at the seams.  So that divided up into smaller and manageable binders.

And yet, my place still looks like a tornado had hit it.  Terrific.  The only bad part of this is that there are two big boxes that I have to go through.   They are my cardstock and pattern paper.  The big problem is that they are super heavy and I still have a bad back.  Before I used to have this old footstool where I was able to placed the heavy boxes and move them around.  But we threw out the footstool so I am kind of screwed.  I probably can figure out another way.

The other bad part is that I am having one heck of a time of getting my canvas boxes label.  Apparently, the cute chalk labels that I made for them doesn’t work.  I cannot find a glue that works.  Unless I go with crazy glue which oh heavens to Betsy, that is a mess itself.

Other then that, things have been quiet.  I have to come up with some ideas for Easter cards, but I have time.  Unfortunately enough time, to figure out the papers.  Oh goody.  It is not that I don’t mind the work, it is the back pain that I do mind.


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A Tutorial about Storing Ribbons

I thought I show you of how I stored my ribbons. Which itself is odd considering that I am going to be moving in a few weeks and I may have to change it. Anyway, I thought what the heck. I know that there are a few scrapbookers would store their ribbons on curtain rods or even installed rods on their walls.  Which itself is a good idea.  But first of all, I am petite, I cannot reach on top of my curtains without using a ladder.  Second at this moment, I do not own the house that I am currently living in therefore, I am not allowed to drilled holes into the walls.

I found this tutorial online and for the love of goatcheese and sour pickles, I cannot find it again to show youBut what this person had done with her ribbons was absolutely brilliant.  This is how she stored the ribbons.

SAM_0361  As you can see, it fits perfectly in a plastic tote.

SAM_0387 Which fitted nicely in my drawer with a small plastic bin for scraps of ribbons that I do not have the heart to throw away.

What you do is take cardboard.  Which can be back of scrapbook pads of paper, cereal boxes or whatever you can find.  As long it is clean, clean as no oil stains.  I can’t tell you what size to cut it down because every plastic container is different.  In my case, I used cardstock paper that I knew that I would never use.  I alpologized for the neon color, but I didn’t realized it was so bright when I saw the pictures.  In this case, I glue several pieces together to make it more sturdier.

SAM_0383  I then wrapped it up using brown wrapping paper, the one you use for parcels.  There is a reason of why you need to wrap the cardboard which I will get to.  Now the reason that I used the brown paper is because the color is neutral.  You can use wrapping paper, but I caution you because if you wrapped ribbon again Dora the Explorer wrapping paper, the colors may clash and your eyes will probably go wonky.  Not to mention, I do not know if the colors from the wrapping may bleed into the ribbon.   So instead of a white ribbon, you might have a tie dye ribbon which is cool itself, but if you need a white ribbon for a card or a scrapbook page, you are kind of in trouble.

SAM_0385  I then wrapped the ribbon around the rectangles.  I taped the end of the ribbons the paper first before winding it around to make it more secure.  You do not hurt the ribbon.  This is where you need to use the paper, because after it is wrapped, you stick pins into the rectangles to secured.   The pins go through the brown paper.   However in some cases like the twine string, I had to use tape, because it was too fine or too stiff for a pin to go through.

SAM_0375  As you can see, I was able to wrapped many ribbons on one rectangle.

SAM_0369  In the beginning, I tried to keep it in the colors together on one rectangle, but as time gone by, I used up the ribbons and replaced it with the new.  It basically took me an afternoon to wrapped the paper and wrapped the ribbons.  And I did have a few empty ones in case of shopping spree.

Which has worked wonderfully for me in the past, in fact, I may keep it the way it is when I get into my new place.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend.